Alexis Romano

Millionaire Mindset, Health and Wealth Coach

Alexis Romano is a retired high school guidance counselor and educator of 21 years, who found a passion for health and nutrition by becoming a certified health coach. Little did she know, this would empower her to become one of the top five income earners within her network marketing company (a health and wellness nutrition company that offers products focusing on weight loss, performance and energy solutions, and healthy aging).

For the past eight years, Alexis has coached, inspired, and motivated thousands of people to transform their lives by implementing Alexis’ simple and structured coaching methodologies on a daily basis. In addition, she has replaced her annual six figure income as a high school counselor with her exponentially greater earnings from her network marketing business and fitness studio in Hoboken, NJ.

Currently, Alexis is a seven figure income earner with her network marketing company. She is a trainer, teacher, creative business solutions creator, and lives her true passion by helping others retire from their full time careers through network marketing. Over her network marketing career, she has become the 100th Millionaire in her company, built a massive business with earnings of approximately $2 million a year, and received awards such as: Top 4 Overall Income earner, Woman of the Year in 2015, Top Business Builder, Top 4 Overall Fastest Growing Business in 2015, and No. 4 Top Platinum Business Builder for January 2016. 

Coming from humble beginnings, Alexis always shifts her focus from herself onto her team. This is evident in the systems she has in place in order to recreate her success (which can be found on Over the last eight years in the industry, she has created over seven millionaires in her downline and multiple six-figure income earners on her Team. 

In the summer of 2016, Alexis started a charity for underprivileged teens called Millionaire Mindset Manson for Teens, and leads efforts supporting a school that was built in Africa through Pencils of Promise. In short, Alexis’s vision remains unchanged and clear — to empower men and women to take control of their health, and live their best lives by giving back and empowering younger generations in a way she always wanted to do.

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